DNA Is The Unique Spark Of Life : Totally Priceless For Generations That Follow

We’re all aware of how important it is to know our family medical history, but are you aware of the DNA revolution in healthcare? Your DNA contains the biological instructions that make you unique – the shape of your nose, your eye colour, your smile. DNA is passed to each new generation with little variation, but it isn’t just the nice things our children and grandchildren inherit; unfortunately we also pass on medical disorders – from cancers to heart disease.

So… Why Save Your DNA?

When we die our DNA is lost forever through cremation or burial. Therefore, many prominent professors & doctors suggest that preserving our DNA (via DNA Banking) could be critical for future relatives – especially as genetic research continues to advance. Some funeral directors even offer DNA preservation to families of the deceased; this was featured in the Daily Mail ‘Good Health’ section on 31/08/15 : “Why taking the DNA of a deceased loved one could help save your life”. If you have a loved one with a funeral home then please visit DNAMemorial.com; which deals with preserving the DNA of the deceased.

However, preserving the DNA of a deceased loved one is yet another decision for a family to consider at a difficult time – and not all funeral directors offer the service. For this reason, many people are deciding to preserve their own DNA whilst they’re still alive – to help protect their families when they’re gone. Analysis of a family’s DNA across the generations is increasingly being used by the medical profession to track, diagnose and prevent everything from simple skin disorders to terminal cancer. Just Google “personalised medicine” to find out more.

“Having access to one’s DNA heritage would greatly aid the understanding of many diseases, such as prostate cancer… and access to stored familial DNA may well help care in the future.”
Prof N. James, Director of the Cancer Research Unit University of Warwick
“I can see a future where genetics (DNA) is going to come into every bit of medicine from cardiology to oncology to infectious diseases.”
Prof. Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust health foundation, UK.

DNA is incredibly complex, with genetic information being passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, having access to a family’s DNA history allows doctors to better understand genetic diseases in both families and individuals. Only by tracking, analysing and understanding DNA through the generations can many genetic diseases that affect individual family members be properly understood.

In practice, this means your DNA is directly relevant to the health of your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces and nephews etc. Put simply, preserving your DNA could be lifesaving.

Father-Daughter-SWhy Preplan? DNA As Part of Your Legacy…

Thinking about our mortality often leaves us feeling a little uneasy, but many adults are finding that pre-planning offers great emotional and financial security for themselves and their families. Your DNA can help tell your story, giving insights into your origins. But most importantly, could greatly assist both existing and future generations with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions THEY may have inherited; regardless of whether you suffered from these inherited diseases/conditions or not. The millions of combinations inherited from past generations can all come into play. 

We provide products and services to preserve your genetic record indefinitely; perhaps the most important information you leave as a legacy. Always remember: There are difficult legal issues for a family to navigate in order to obtain your DNA once you’ve died. Give the gift of YOUR DNA today.

By Learning From the Past We Can Help Our Families in the Future

The Process: A simple mouth swab is taken from the inside of your cheek. This is sent to our laboratory where we extract the DNA, stabilise it and bind this to a substrate. We do not store or test the DNA for any purposes; we simply return your DNA in a sealed laboratory vial – which can be stored at home by you or your family.

No refrigeration is necessary, as our proprietary process allows your DNA to be preserved indefinitely at room temperature.

There are many reasons to have access to family DNA, including genealogical research & genetically linked medical disorders.

DNA Infused Jewellery to Pass Down the Generations…

DNA is the blueprint of a life; it’s your very living essence. There’s nothing more precious for your loved ones than having your DNA infused forever into a beautiful glass keepsake. Your chosen piece(s) will be carefully handcrafted by our glass artists; based at the historic Red House Glass Cone in Stourbridge, England – home to glassmaking for over 400 years, and where the glassware on the ship Titanic was crafted.

These can be passed down through your family… Perhaps as a surprise find for your loved ones when you’re gone? Or maybe a precious birthday gift to be kept with them at all times?

“Having mum’s DNA preserved forever in glass jewellery makes me feel that I still have part of her with me. And knowing her DNA also could help my children and my grandchildren makes it even more precious.” Jane, UK

Every piece of glasswork, whether jewellery or crystal, includes DNA Home Banking as standard (your DNA in a separate laboratory vial within the presentation box). This ensures that every family who has a glass piece, also receives the ability to conduct multiple tests on their important genetic heritage.

Ensure your family benefits from the advancements in personalised medicine by saving your DNA today…

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