An Award-Winning & Ground-Breaking Innovator… is owned and operated by Roftek Ltd, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative products & systems which are used across the globe.

In 2016, Roftek Ltd won the prestigious “Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation”, and in 2015, the “Excellence in Innovation Award” at the Birmingham Chambers of Commerce. They also won the 2013 “Big Ideas Business Award” at The University of Warwick for innovation.

Roftek’s customers include hospitals, hospices, numerous charities, funeral directors, and the Government.

They have featured on multiple news channels throughout the world.

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Roftek is the Exclusive UK Partner for CG Labs…

The CG Labs Team has a combined knowledge and experience of well over 25 years in DNA research, education, and forensics. We are considered experts in DNA degradation and much of our experience is in recovery of ancient DNA from samples hundreds to thousands of years old. Our expertise in this area gives us thorough knowledge of degradation and decay mechanisms as well as how to manipulate and halt them. We are passionate about our field and realise the importance DNA holds for all individuals both now and in the future.
CG Labs, Inc. is located in the McKeller Life Centre on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, and specialises in properly storing a person’s DNA indefinitely. Our academic research lab developed a proprietary room temperature storage procedure which allows for this genetic information to be stored almost anywhere. Our unique and economic home banking offer allows consumers to store their DNA in the comfort of their own home.
“Just as DNA is unique to an individual, we provide a unique blend of biomedical & laboratory expertise… There’s no one quite like us!”
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