These terms and conditions govern any orders placed from this website; by utilising our service and ordering through our website, you agree to these terms and conditions in full.


The Ordering Process & Terms

  1. Once you place the order and pay via credit/debit card online, we will then send you a sample envelope which includes a swab kit and all the paperwork.
  2. You then return this to us by post so the lab work can be undertaken.
  3. The final product is then sent to you in approximately 8 weeks.
  4. Since our service is uniquely personalised, order cancellations & refunds can ONLY be accepted/processed up to 24 hours after final order placement (receipt of swab kit and paperwork).

DNA Sampling Terms & Conditions

  1. Cheek swabs are sent to Roftek Ltd for DNA retrieval and stabilisation which will then allow for room temperature DNA storage. No genetic testing is undertaken on any DNA and all DNA will be returned to the Customer for storage.
  2. In consideration of the sampling and supply of this service and/or product, the Customer agrees and warrants that:
    1. There are no warranties of any type whatsoever, express or implied, with respect to the sampling and the service and/or product and/or information supplied by Roftek.
    2. DNA extraction from cheek swabs or hair root should yield high quantity DNA yields. However, due to inherent sample quality and quantity variation within DNA samples, not all samples can be used for every test and Roftek Ltd cannot be held responsible for sample quality or quantity. Sample yields will be displayed on certificate issued with returned DNA sample.